About Payzox

Payzox is the india's largest paid survy site that gives you free cash for the everyday things you already do online. Earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. Redeem cash in paytm wallet or in your bank account. Payzox has already paid out over ?224,400,260 in cash . Put cash back in your wallet. Join for free today.

Company has been developed by Internet market Research Pvt. Ltd. (IMRB) to enable consumers to show the power of their voice and opinion and directly influence the market research and markets in india. We offer you online surveys and polls on the products and services you use in your day-to-day life and the opportunity to share your opinion & feedback and get paid for your Opinion.

We believe that your honest and true opinion is the best method to assess the market scenario and to achieve this we reach out to you. We offer rewards to our members for their valuable time and feedback in online surveys. Once a survey is completed, our next step is to share the data with the researchers (without sharing your personal details) who analyze it and provide valuable insights to the companies.

We use our service every day and put hundreds of large and small jobs on our site for anyone wishing to work from home or in their lunch break. Our contractors take home real money (no vouchers or points) for real jobs completed. Check out our latest jobs

We are committed to bridge the gap that exists between the consumers and marketers and this is what we are here for. Should you want to actively change tomorrow's market, join our online survey community to avail the benefits that come all the way through. True, authentic and unbiased opinions of consumers help the companies to come with better and higher quality products, thus we encourage all of our members to express their honest and true opinion in surveys they participate in as it helps them in the long run to receive quality products and services in future. We also encourage our members to promote and expand Company community among their friends, relatives and colleagues by referring them our website and then earn Cash for every genuine member joining the community.

Our members earn rewards for participating in surveys, polls, referring other to the community so that they are interested in spending their leisure time while the same time sharing their views to companies on the products and services they use in their everyday life.

Below is our office mailing address you can feel free to contact us any time-

Our Mailing Address-

Systems Estate, 2nd phase,

Rajajinagar Industrial Estate,

Sangama Road,Ramanagara, Bangalore

Karnataka- 560047

E-Mail: support@payzox.com

Fax: +91 80 34417253