What Is An Online Paid Survey?

Learn about more about online paid surveys, how they work and why they are an amazing
and rewarding way to work from home.

What is an online paid survey?

Online surveys are increasingly becoming the leading research tool for companies, medical and educational institutions looking to gather valuable feedback from normal everyday people on products, services and more. They then use the information they gather to improve everything from the design of a sneaker to life-saving heart medications. In exchange for this feedback, survey participants are paid a varied amount of money .

What topics do paid surveys cover?

Paid online surveys cover many topics including (but not limited to) but we offer survey on only these topics:


How much do online surveys pay?

On Payzox Surveys pay between Rs.9/- and Rs.50/- per complete, depending on the length of the survey and how many panelists (survey-takers) are eligible.

What is survey eligibility?

Many companies are looking for input from people that have knowledge or experience with the subject of the survey they are offering. For example, if you are a major toy company looking to perfect a new toy meant for infants, it’s very likely they will ask a few preliminary questions (a qualifier) to make sure the people that take the survey have experience with children and toys (e.g. parents). Survey eligibility can greatly vary, from being as specific as “someone who has experience with a particular pharmaceutical medication” to “males between 25-45 years of age.”

Ready to try it?

Signing up is free and easy. Try taking paid online surveys now and see if you enjoy getting paid for your opinion.

What are the requirements for taking online surveys?

It's depending on the panel you sign up with. At Payzox, we only require that you be 15 years of age and live in the India to participate in our online surveys.